5 Outdoor Lighting Tips

AB Electrical has 5 Outdoor Lighting tips just for you. When the weather warms, and your parties move outdoors, use the night sky as your backdrop, and lights to create mood and ambiance. Outdoor lighting is often an afterthought. But with the ability to entertain, any time of the year, money spent on your lighting is money well spent.

For an outdoor entertainers dream – here are 5 Outdoor Lighting Tips:

  1. Use uplighting – For dramatic results, lights that shine upward can create a striking effect and highlight the architectural details of your home. For smaller homes, uplighting makes them appear larger at night. You can use lighting to set the mood or create different scenes in different outdoor areas.
  2. Use Low-Intensity Bulbs – For a softer and friendlier look, go with low-intensity bulbs. No-one wants bright lights in their faces while trying to have a conversation. Talking to a silhouette does not make for a great evening.
  3. Avoid shining lights on windows – Don’t face lights onto windows, it creates glare on the outside, and from the inside, you will block your view.
  4. Use Accent Lighting –  If you want to showcase one particular part of your outdoor decor, you need to choose accent lighting. Make your outdoor area come to life. Highlight trees and other features in your outdoor space.
  5. Don’t forget the TimersYou have a busy life, the last thing you need to remember is to turn your outdoor lights on and off. Timers are essential. Set up your timers to come on at dusk and off at dawn.

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