Outdoor Lighting

At AB Electrical we are committed to always improving the lives of our customers. One of the key areas we accomplish this is in our outdoor lighting electrical services. Your home should be an extension of your life, your family and your friends. Weekend beers and barbeques with the mates on a clear summer night, family packed Christmas parties on the patio, eloquent garden cocktail gatherings to entertain clients or even just a little overnight garden camping adventure with the kids – the right outdoor lighting is the key to bringing it all to life.

The MOST trusted lighting electricians on the North Shore 8 years straight!

AB Electrical are lighting experts with a keen eye for design and a comprehensive knowledge of the best products, suppliers and specialist techniques. All of this means that you will get to enjoy a luxury resort level outdoor lighting setup that is energy and cost efficient, safe and stylishly beautiful. What’s more, if you are looking to resell at a later point a well-designed outdoor lighting arrangement will add to the value of your home.

Outdoor safety and security without the compromise

Enhanced safety and security is one of the biggest drivers behind why home owners choose to invest in an outdoor lighting network. The value of an outdoor lighting system to deter criminals and to avoid harm or accidents at night to home owners and their guests cannot be overstated.

That being said, the suggestion of security lighting can conjure images of prison camp floodlights that turn night into day, frustrating sensor triggered beams of blinding light that flicker on every time something moves and a whitewashed patio and driveway with no semblance of subtlety or sophistication.

Our highly experienced North Shore electricians will help you engineer an outdoor lighting design that ensures the bad guys will have no place to skulk in dark corners without sacrificing anything in terms of aesthetic allure, seamless functionality and beauty.

Outdoor Lighting
Outdoor Lighting

Expertly installed lighting for outdoor, landscaping and driveway/garage (including LED motion sensor technologies)

Our team of friendly and experienced Auckland electricians will walk you through every step of the lighting process –from creating a compelling vision, selecting the perfect sensors, light fixtures and bulbs to laying the cabling and installing the fixtures with focus on energy efficiency and safety. Our hallmark is ensuring that we do the job right the first time – on time and to budget.

A last word about sensor LED lights

Motion sensor technology has revolutionized the outdoor lighting industry passing on huge benefits to home owners. Motion sensor LED lights are the leading choice of home owners looking to enhance their safety and security whilst significantly reducing on the cost of traditional manual controlled fluorescent, incandescent or halogen lights. Our helpful and informative Auckland outdoor lighting electricians will be happy to break down the highest quality and most affordable products on the market so you get to make an informed decision when choosing your sensor LED lighting setup.

Our outdoor lighting services include:

  • Planning and conducting cabling routes for outdoor lighting
  • Digging and trenching for underground wiring
  • Repair and installation of external light fixtures
  • Garden lighting projects
  • Repairing sensor detectors and lighting
  • The AB Coastal Maintenance Package – to keep your lights looking as good as new

Whether you need landscape lighting for the garden, wall lighting for your home, recessed lighting for your soffit or uplights for your home fascia we would love to help bring your vision to life.


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Outdoor Lighting