Sustainabiliity Policy


Sustainability is about meeting our customer’s requirements today without adversely impacting on the needs of tomorrow.  AB Electrical strives to ensure our operations, our products and our services have a minimal impact on our environment.


Our objective to link sound business practices with sustainability such as reducing waste and optimising resources. This encompasses awareness of sustainability both within our company and our wider ecosystem of suppliers and customers.


  • Recommending to our customers solutions for energy efficiency, electrical vehicle charging and renewable energy where appropriate.
  • Minimising our disposal of waste to landfill. All materials removed from work sites will be disposed of in a safe manner. We endeavour to recycle materials in an appropriate
  • Recycling for metal, plastics, paper, glass and cardboard.
  • Recycling florescent tubes/lamps/LED
  • Recycling our print toner cartridges.
  • Minimising paper waste in the office by only printing when necessary
  • LED lighting for energy efficiency in our
  • Regular servicing of our vehicle fleet.
  • Aligning with suppliers leading the industry with sustainable
  • Educate our team on sustainability and encourage input on new ideas and improvements.

Howard Lewis
Managing Director
October 2019

Sustainability Policy AB October 2019