Covid 19 health and saftely level 3 feb 21

Dear Customer

Following the Government’s announcement this afternoon (17 February 2021) of Auckland moving back into Alert Level II, we have this evening worked through the implementation and update on our previously implemented Alert Level II protocols last introduced in 2020.

Under Alert Level II, we are fully permitted to undertake work operations provided we comply with the Health and Safety protocols. In 2020, we adopted all protocols defined by the Government, Master Electricians and Worksafe.

The key message we want to communicate to our customers is:

  1. We are fully prepared to undertake your work for you under Alert Level III conditions and
  2. We fully respect our customers position, and if customers would prefer to delay work, we are perfectly fine with
  3. We will comply with all guidelines defined by the Government
  4. We will comply with all guidelines defined by Worksafe and Master Electricians

We fully appreciate the Government may have heightened the levels of anxiety within the community and we want to ensure all our customers are comfortable and happy to proceed with scheduled work, alternatively to delay the work.

Our revised internal guidelines and policies implemented today with the AB Electrical team supplement our existing Health and Safety Policy. This is a revision of our previous Alert Level II Policy from August 2020.

With the developments and concerns around COVID-19, we are being pro-active with some specific changes to better accommodate the current environment.

We also want to ensure our customers are comfortable that they can engage with the AB Electrical team in a safe environment, knowing that our team are operating under a specific policy and guidelines designed to protect both our team members and our customers.

We have always had a policy which requests a team member to stay away from work when they are not well, and we are taking the opportunity to emphasise the criticality of this requirement to our team.

AB Electrical Policy & Guidelines for AB Electrical Employees

Here are the broad amended points covered in our employee policy for Health and Safety implemented on 17 February 2021.

  1. If you are not well or have the symptoms of a virus, do not come to work, but take time off to rest and
  2. If you knowingly come in contact with anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19, you are to advise AB Electrical
  3. Heightened obligation around practicing good hygiene, including regularly washing/sanitising hands, and practicing good cough
  4. Physical distancing of 2.0m where possible with pro-active communication to customers around these
  5. Face masks are to be worn whenever
  6. We have deployed hand sanitiser to AB Electrical
  7. We have also equipped all our vans with water for hand washing and wet wipes so team members have an ability to regularly cleanse their hands if they have no access to hand

Our Commitment to our Customers

  1. AB Electrical will maintain a strict policy for our team around COVID19 aligned to Government guidelines and those established by relevant industry bodies and
  2. AB Electrical will regularly review our policy and adjust this policy should we feel there are changes required given any developments of the COVID-19 position in
  3. We will communicate with you should we have a position within our business that reflects a deteriorating position amongst our team, so you are kept informed.
  4. We will endeavour to ensure our team are compliant with our policy and
  5. AB Electrical will review all updates from the Ministry of Health and consider recommendations provided by the Ministry.
  6. We welcome input and feedback from our customers on our policy and

Our Request of our Customers

  1. We request that our customers immediately advise AB Electrical if any of the following are apply:
  • Any residents/staff who have come out of Managed Isolation facilities in the last 21 days
  • Any residents/staff have been diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • Any residents/staff have been identified as having been in contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • If there is anyone in the home/workplace that has any flu/COVID-19 symptoms
  1. You advise AB Electrical if there are any policies or guidelines that you are implementing or want us to follow, to provide added protection to your family or

AB Electrical takes the view that taking a cautious and pragmatic approach facilitates an environment where AB Electrical can continue to deliver you electrical services.

We appreciate the situation is fluid and the situation can change quickly.

We welcome the opportunity to share information and thinking around how we best serve our teams in ensuring any risk from COVID-19 is minimised and managed for all stakeholders.

Our revised Alert Level III Health & Safety Policy is attached will be sent under separate cover.


Howard Lewis Director
AB Electrical Holdings Ltd Ph 0800 688 244
Ph 0275 667 626

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