Electricity Prices to Rise

Electricity Bills to Rise from 1 April 2022

Aucklanders are currently being notified by their electricity retailer of substantial price increases in their monthly electricity bill.

Consumer NZ estimate 40% of New Zealand households will see a jump in their bills, and the largest increases will affect households who are low users of electricity.

Your power bill comprises two components:

– Fixed charges relate to the infrastructure to deliver electricity to your home (poles/cables/transformers, etc)

– Variable charges which relate to the actual electricity you have consumed

We are aware of some fixed-line charges increasing from $0.33 per day to $0.66 per day–double the current rate. This will cause an increase in fixed charges of $120.00 per annum. These increases will continue to $180.00 per annum by 2026!

The changes come into effect on 1 April this year.

There are several areas where you can reduce your electricity consumption, and the AB Electrical team would be happy to provide our customers with some guidance and advice.

A couple of areas you may want to consider:

1             LED Lights
Upgrade to LED lights from traditional incandescent or halogens. This will reduce the electricity consumed for lighting consumption by at least 70%, plus LED down lights give your home a modern fresh look.

AB Electrical can upgrade to LED downlights with some special promotional packages.

2             Heated Towel Rail Timers
Heated Towel Rails can keep towels dry and warm with only 4-6 hours a day of use, but many homes have their towel rails turned on permanently. As a result, you are paying for electricity you do not actually need to use for 18–20 hours every day. This could save you $500.00 a year.

AB Electrical can add timers to your Heated Towel Rails so you only use them for limited hours a day but still provide warm dry towels when required.

Contact us today to find out how you can save on your Electrical Bills.