Ev Charging at Home

2 Tips for Solar EV Charging at Home

With New Zealand’s EV market set to rise on average by 64.4% annually, thanks to the Governments carbon reduction polices–it’s time to think about Solar EV Charging.

Currently, New Zealand cannot sustain a healthy environment if we continue to use fossil fuels, which means a big shift towards renewables, which includes solar!

  1.  Solar Power is a Great Investment.

Solar panels in your home can raise your property value–teamed up with a EV charger solution that takes advantage of the sun’s energy will add even more value to your property.  Solar Power solutions are top of the list for eco-conscious buyers.

  1. Increased power bills with EV’s can be offset with Solar Panels

Powering your EV off the grid is likely to show an increase in your power bill.  If correctly installed a solar system to power your home and EV could reduce your monthly energy bills by 40-70%.

AB Electrical can help you determine the cost-effectiveness of charging your electric car with your existing Solar System or help you create the perfect solar system for your home and EV charging power needs.

We can help you save costs and the environment.  Call us today, 0800 688 244.