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Internet Connection from the Street to the House – Copper Vs Fibre

The previous section included a discussion focused on the cabling/wiring from your modem to your device(s) connected via cable.

This section focusses on the different ways of connecting the house to the internet from the street.

If you have ADSL or VDSL as your internet service, this is an internet service running over traditional copper wires.  This is the same infrastructure that has delivered telephony services since post WWII.  We often refer to this as POTS (Plain Old Telephone Services). Initially designed for telephone services only, as dial up internet and then broadband internet was released in NZ, the POTS network was stretched to provide broadband services on top of telephony services.

Often the issues experienced with speed or reliability in the home can be traced back to aged wiring from the street to your modem. Remember that this wiring may be very old and was not designed to meet the demands of internet streaming of today’s world.  Many homes have this old wiring which was installed well before they even invented the internet!

AB Electrical can help to test the wiring connectivity from the Chorus termination point to your modem/router and can liaise with Chorus/your ISP to undertake line checks on-line.

NZ was lagging behind other OECD countries in terms of internet speed.  This was a sea anchor on economic development, and so the NZ Government invested in fast internet services for most of the country in 2008.

They launched the UFB programme with an initial goal of making fast internet available to 80% of New Zealanders where they work and play.  It subsequently increased to 90% with a Phase II project.

UFB fibre replaces the old copper network. UFB Fibre is many, many times faster than ADSL internet service as it is based on optical fibre.  It is more stable and robust than copper.  The technology of UFB is ? to ? ? the internet demand in homes today with multiple streaming devices.

Many NZ homes have already migrated to UFB Fibre.  UFB fibre replaces the old copper wire with optical fibre from the street to your modem/router.

Today over 600,000 NZ homes have already upgraded to UFB Fibre and there are approximately a further 600,000 homes who can upgrade to fibre now.

UFB fibre is more stable and reliable than old copper wire and can be fully tested remotely by Chorus to prove the throughput and stability of the street to modem/router is 100%.

If you want some guidance and help with what is involved to upgrading to Fibre, AB Electrical can help with a Free Consultation.

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