We know what it takes to renovate a house.

With thousands of Auckland renovations successfully under our belt, AB Electrical are perfectly positioned to help you through each step of your home renovation. Our hard-won experience means that we often solve problems for our clients that they don’t even know they have. Our commitment to always improving, learning and staying on the cusp of the latest methodologies and technologies means that our insight and input to your house renovation will save you money, time and tons of stress and frustration.

It’s not bragging if it’s true

The line between bragging and simply being confident in what you do is a thin one, but when it comes to a project as challenging and costly as a house renovation you are going to want the guys on your team who know what the job entails and are 100% confident in their ability to get it done right first time, every time. Andrew Baker has been in this business a very long time and his team has garnered invaluable experience over the many renovations they have completed. What this means for you is that what is ordinarily a challenging and stress-riddled campaign can be a walk in the park.

House Renovations
House Renovations

“You are the best trades we have ever worked with”

The most common complement our North Shore electricians get during and after jobs is always that we are the best trades our customers have ever had the pleasure of working with. That has been our mission all along and it’s why we can guarantee that with us you will receive the best advice, gain access to the best products on the market (and be steered away from the worst ones) and have the headache and hassle of solving complex electrical issues removed altogether.

Our mission is always to exceed our customer’s expectations. From upgrading your switchboard in the most cost-effective way possible to carrying out rewires whilst you are still living in the house under construction so that you always have hot water, lights and power throughout the renovation, you comfort, peace of mind and safety are our paramount concerns.

Our house renovation services include:

  • Electrical plans
  • Lighting designs, advise and discounts from lighting suppliers.
  • Show room
  • Air conditioning
  • CCTV and Security
  • Automation
  • AV and media control
  • Sonos sound system
  • As Built booklet

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House Renovations