Electrical inspections

Electrical inspections are crucial for home, work and office safety as well as for valuation and insurance purposes. Poor installation or maintenance of electrical systems can have potentially life-threatening consequences.

This is why AB Electrical insists that all electrical inspections and high-risk electrical work is inspected by a specialist through one of our tried and trusted independent contractors.

When do I need an electrical inspection?

We strongly suggest that your home or business electrical system is always well maintained and up to date to safeguard against costly and dangerous accidents that can occur as a result of easily preventable accidents.

Apart from that, the necessity for electrical inspections typically falls into two main areas of requirement: Period inspections and High Risk Electrical Work.

Periodic Inspections

Periodic inspections involve giving clients a qualified valuation of a new or existing electrical installation. This is very often a mandatory stipulation required by insurance companies to give them insight into the quality of the installation. Periodic inspections are also valuable in determining the state of installation at the time of purchase or sale of properties – basically they serve to provide a record of the state of the installation at the time of purchase or sale.

High Risk Electrical Work

Any electrical work that is deemed as ‘high risk’ will require a certified electrical inspector conduct a residential electrical inspection. The following classify as high risk electrical work that require a mandatory post-installation inspection:

  • Solar (PV) System installations
  • Main Earthing System installations
  • New Incoming Mains installations
  • Main Switchboard Upgrade for capacity
  • Mains Parallel Generation System installations
  • Medical Device areas including domestic dialysis machines

Arranging a consult is fast and easy

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