3 Tips to Avoid an Electrical Overload

Many homes do not have enough power points, especially older homes.  The average household has over 10 appliances and that is not including mobile phones.  So, for many people, the solution to this dilemma is by using double plugs or multi-boards. However, this can lead to electrical circuit overload and may even set your home on fire.  The NZ Fire Service reports that electrical fires as being the second most common cause of fatal fire incidents (21%).

With winter approaching and the need for us to plug in electric blankets and our heaters to keep warm, we suggest you follow our 3 tips to avoid an electrical overload this winter.

  1.  Electrical Inspection

If you experience dimming lights, buzzing noises, scorched power points or you have power points and switches that are warm to the touch, it is best to seek the advice of an electrician to conduct an electrical inspection to ensure your wiring and house is electrically safe.

AB Electrical has a team of registered electricians who can check all the wiring and electrical connections in your home to make sure they are safe and in good condition.  Our team can easily identify certain issues such as faulty electrical power points, damaged circuit breakers, loose connections and aging wires on the spot.

  1. Avoid the Use of Extension Cords, Multi-boards and Double Plugs

We recommend that appliances are plugged directly into a power point.  You should only use extension cords and multi-boards short term, and certainly not as a permanent solution.  If you find you are relying on extension cords, multi-boards or double plugs–then you may need to add new power points.

Extra power points, in most cases, can be installed without destroying walls, and AB Electrical is happy check your home and develop a plan for installation of new power points for you.  Remember that they designed many homes before they invented several electrical appliances–for example mobile phones, blenders, digital clocks, laptops & PCS’s.

With ever growing advances in technology, there will be more requirements to plug in additional appliances and it will require more power points.  AB Electrical can show you the entire range of switches and power points in our fantastic showroom.  Customers love coming in and seeing the range in a live environment with over 60 switches on our wall.  The choices in power points, including those with USB Chargers.  This is a unique experience and helps customers make the right decisions around style and functionality.  Many of the power points now include USB charging ports, so they do not consume power points just with mobile phones charging.

  1. Know the Amperage of Fuses and Circuit Breaker’s 

Electrical overload usually happens when there are too many electrical devices plugged in.  There is no magic number, but circuit breakers can only handle up to 80% of their amperage rating.   If the amperage goes over that, your circuit breaker will trip.  To prevent this happening, determine the amperage of your circuit breakers or fuses.

AB Electrical are registered, experience electricians.  We can supply, install and certify (CoC) power points and switches.  Despite Mitre 10 selling these as essential services, they do require a registered tradesman to install and certify. Some insurance policies may be voided by non-registered electricians installing their own switchgear.

If you have any concerns about electrical overload in your home or business–call us today–0800 688 244