The AB Electrical Team

Smart, driven, capable and easy to talk to

Our unique batch of highly-skilled, qualified and fun-loving people here at AB Electrical are the secret to this business’ rapid success. We’re a mixed bag with a diverse and deep skillset that when brought together form the most dynamic, reputable and capable Electrical business in Auckland.

Andrew “The Founder” Baker

Since starting AB Electrical just over 7 years ago, Andrew’s vision, leadership and commitment to building the best electrical team on the North Shore has seen this business grow from strength to strength, collecting numerous awards on the way. Andrew has worked in a number of different countries, developing his love and knowledge of electrical work, with a mind for creativity, innovation and his characteristic ‘out the box’ approach to problem solving.  Andrew can be found fishing, surfing or coaching his 3 young boys cricket and rugby or passing on his love of building, creating and innovating in the workshop. Andrew has taken his passion for all things electrical, compliance and safety seriously, having developed a compliance software company.
Andrew can also be found at, where he focuses on helping tradies stay on top their compliance the easy way.

Howard “The Head Honcho” Lewis

Howard has recently taken over the reins from Andrew at AB Electrical. With his huge level of energy and enthusiasm he is proving to be a perfect fit to the AB family. Howard is an exceptionally capable people leader and is great at getting the best from people and inspiring them to do their best.
When he’s not in the AB Electrical office, he can be found on the tennis court giving his opponent a run for his money or enjoying a great game of water polo.
Feel free to pop in and meet him for yourself 😉

Paula “The Queen” Watson

A past as a professional ballroom dancer has clearly prepared Paula for her role at AB Electrical. She manages to juggle an impressive number of admin roles with poise and professionalism. Always on her toes she never loses her sincere, cheerful and engaging rapport with customers.

Leigh “The Marketing Guru” Storey

Leigh’s combination of marketing, graphic design and office administration expertise has made a real difference in the effectiveness and efficiency of AB Electrical. Leigh’s positive ‘never say die’ approach to everything she does has had a great impact on our business. Her dedication carries through to everything she does – work, family and her passion for surf lifesaving. 

Sam “The Man” Williams

Our go to guy for project management, scheduling and estimating. Sam has established himself as one of the key pillars this business is built on, thanks to his passion for the work, insatiable appetite to learn and his level of versatility – Sam is equally at home on a small service callout or a demanding, pressure-fueled large scale build. Sam’s commitment to his profession was recently manifest in his successfully becoming a licensed electrical inspector – which is a big thing in our community 🙂 Congrats Sam!

Kyle “The Service Wizard” Sutton

Kyle has a wealth of knowledge and very impressive workmanship skills which is perfect for the service and maintenance work he completes for AB Electrical. The quintessential English professional, Kyle has won over the hearts and minds of all of us here as well as our customers through his unique combination of politeness and fantastic sense of humour.

Gavin “The Tool Man” Taylor

In war zones when a man is down you hear the plaintive cries of ‘Medic! Medic!’ – Well with our team in the field it’s ‘Gavin! Gavin!’

Confronted with a seemingly intractable electrical problem we turn time and again to this loyal, experienced and extremely knowledgeable stalwart. Nothing makes Gavin happier on a job than getting that well-deserved smile from a client whose expectations he has just surpassed – well that and plying his sharp, keen mind to solving the types of problems no sane electrician would want any part of 😉

Cam “The Mountain Goat” Smith

Cam is a true inspiration, proving nothing is unachievable, having completed the Coast to Coast multi-sport event in February this year. Cam is the newest Electrician to join our team. Having recently moved to the Shore from Christchurch. Cam has settled into his new role quickly and his enthusiastic, easy going nature has made him yet another great asset to have join our team.

Chris “The International Athlete” Lincoln

Chris came to AB Electrical half way through his apprenticeship and quickly showed us the drive it takes to get qualified young. Chris possesses a fierce will that relishes a challenge – both as an electrician as well as a national sportsman. Chris has represented NZ in water ski jumping and now is happy to be representing AB Electrical in the field. Always up for a laugh, Chris infuses the team with his positive and youthful energy which is contagious.

Chris “The Handyman” Strydom

Chris is an inspirational example of pursuing your passion. Having worked his way through a successful marketing career Chris yearned for a change. A wizard with his hands and with a keen eye for electrical work we were happy to welcome Chris to the team. He has adapted to his new role quickly and his skillset has made him an asset on every job he undertakes. The big goal for Chris is to be qualified this year.

Cody “The Quiet Achiever” Richards

Cody was the first apprentice AB ever took on and he jumped at the chance to prove his ability to learn very quickly.  A very skilled and knowledgeable young man who is well on his way to becoming a very talented and resourceful electrician. On the weekends you will find Cody down at Mairangi Bay enjoying his passion for surf lifesaving.

Charlie “The Charismatic” Stockill

Charlie is one of our youngest apprentices to recently join our team. With his infectious smile, passion for hard work and eagerness to get the job done, he’s a great asset to have on board.

Mark “The Project” Simpson

Mark joined the team in November 2017 and has already impressed the seasoned old hats on the team with his zeal to learn. Sharp, keen and hyper-attentive, we are sure Mark will fly through his apprenticeship under the stewardship of our veteran electricians. 

Ollie “The Ninja” Sparks

Ollie is the youngest boy to join the AB Team and won himself a reputation as a small spaces ninja – a skill highly valued in apprentices who have to spend a good deal of time earning their electrical stripes climbing around in ceiling spaces or worming stealthily under floor boards. Ollie shows a lot of promise and we are very happy to have him on the team.

Carlos “The Silent One” Thrasy

Carlos is AB’s newest apprentice. His calm quiet manner goes a long way with focusing on the tasks at hand.
Carlos is a true gentleman and another keen starter to have join AB Electrical. Welcome to the team Carlos.