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To Our Customers

The Management of AB Electrical is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for its employees, visitors and customers.

To ensure a safe and healthy work environment, management will develop and maintain a Health and Safety Management System which will be adjusted and updated based on circumstances at any time.

With the developments surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, AB Electrical updated its policy with specific accommodation around work practices and hygiene solutions to cater for the global COVID-19 crisis accommodating the specific obligations outlined by the NZ Govt at the time.

These have been updated as new directives were announced by the NZ Govt and also industry bodies including Master Electricians and Master Builders.

We are committed to protecting our staff and customers from the transmission of COVID-19 by ensuring we operate in a safe manner in line with the Govt requirements defined under Alert Level III.

Our business has in place robust systems to manage this health issue. This policy outlines the ‘on-site’ processes we have in place for our staff to provide service to you, whilst minimizing the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

We ask that you are both honest and transparent when it comes to the protection of our workers.

Please note that this policy relates specifically to the COVID-19 situation under Alert Level III as defined by the NZ Govt. In addition to this policy, AB Electrical operate under a Health and Safety Policy which has been in place for some years and is updated on an annual basis.

For construction sites, this policy is expected to align and integrate with the site COVID-19 Controls Plan as defined by Master Builders. AB Electrical staff recognise and acknowledge the authority of the nominated site person who is responsible for the site COVID-19 Management Plan.

Specific obligations on AB Electrical staff when attending a job

  • Our staff will not shake hands with you or touch you or your pets.
  • We are subscribing the Govt standard on social distancing which defines:
    ○ Wherever possible our team will keep a 2.0m distance from each other when working or travelling.
    ○ We ask you to keep at least 2.0m distance from our staff. It would be preferred you either isolate yourself and other household members in another part of the house that we do not need access to, or if you are not required to be on-site to vacate for the time we are on-site.
  • Our staff will wash their hands before commencing work and again when work is completed. Our staff have received instruction on correct handwashing in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health.
  •  We are deploying soap and water in our vans but if soap and water is not available, our staff will use hand sanitizer to clean their hands effectively We do not expect to use your facilities.
  •  If our staff are working on equipment frequently handled by yourself or family, where feasible they will use disposable gloves to minimise unnecessary contact with the surface. If this is not possible/feasible, staff will wash their hands as soon as practicable before and after touching the surface.
  •  Our staff will clean surfaces being used before and after work has been done.
  • We will endeavor to avoid handling documentation between our staff and you the customer with bare hands. Most of the AB Electrical systems are electronic, this includes invoices and electrical certificates. These documents will be delivered to the email inbox you provided to us when booking the job.

A note from AB Management:

Please look after yourself during this time, your health and safety is our priority.

We ask that you continue to take isolation very seriously when not at work so as not to compromise your colleagues. We want to continue to provide assistance to our community to the best of our ability for the foreseeable future.

We will continue to update you with any changes. This is an unprecedented time and we will need your assistance and co-operation to make this as smooth as possible for everyone, including yourself.

Do speak up if you are not comfortable with a task or situation, you are the only one capable of determining this for yourself.

Please understand that this a state of a global pandemic and we need to do our best to use the skills available to us to support NZ.

If you have any questions/concerns about our safety management, please contact our management team:


Howard Lewis
AB Electrical Holdings Ltd
Ph: 0800 688 244

To read our full policy please click on the below link.

AB Electrical COVID-19 Policy for AB Electrical Staff and Customers V5.2


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